Founded: 2018
Founders: Carsten Wium og co.

Personal training in the cloud

BodySky is a new search platform for personal training for users and trainers.

Personal training is the most effective form of training, but at the same time it is difficult to get an overview and find the right offer. Therefore, Bodysky has developed a platform that makes it easy to find and book personal trainers throughout Denmark, whilst at the same time helping instructors manage bookings from users. With Bodysky, users easily get an overview of trainers, training types, trainer locations and price. The platform also provides recommendations and helps users achieve their individual training goals by finding the ideal private training at affordable prices.

Previously, private training was reserved for the elite and most dedicated and ambitious fitness enthusiasts, but we want to change that. Bodysky is for anyone who wants optimal training that meets their individual needs and desires at competitive prices. That is why we have a myriad of skilled and competent personal trainers on the platform, who offer all kinds of personal training. You can book directly from Bodysky’s web or mobile application, where you can also see other users’ experiences and recommendations.

Our ambition is to be the preferred tool for anyone seeking personal training and to help find the training that matches users’ individual preferences.