Founded: 2017 Founders: Werner Valeur, Kristian Emil Larsen, Rasmus Skovdal og Jimmy Sørensen


Relion is the next generation of roster software that acts as the perfect alternative to excel sheets and complex roster systems.

When the founders, Rasmus, Kristian and Søren were young IT students, they all worked as part-time employees in some of the country’s leading restaurants.

Here they saw the managers struggling to assemble the pieces of the puzzle that was the roster. At the same time, they were amazed by the enormous amount of time that the managers spent on it and the lack of enthusiasm to perform this type of work.

Equipped with skills from their IT degrees, a penchant for creating solutions and a burning desire to make a difference, the three boys chose to make it their goal to create the world’s best online roster system. Shortly after, Relion was born.

Fast forward a few years and the Relion platform is now in rapid development with many thousands of users experiencing less shift-planning headaches every day.

At Relion, we have a vision to give all small and medium-sized businesses, and their employees, access to efficient shift planning that meets all needs, from collecting shift requests to shift swaps, shift planning and time logging.

We achieve this by offering a free version of our software, which includes everything you and your team needs to easily get started with online shift planning. We have also made our product so simple that you do not need courses or other tedious training to get started. In other words, with Relion you get a loyal partner who always keeps shift planning simple and straightforward.

Our innovative features makes an easier task of collecting shift requests, creating the perfect roster and correctly recording working hours. You start off with our free version, which is free forever, and can then freely choose to purchase various upgrades, such as automatic shift planning, extended payroll management and forecasting with artificial intelligence.

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