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FREE: First chapter of Werner Valeur’s new book – and all the other eBooks.

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A long success story

Werner Valeur has been writing books since 2010, primarily about entrepreneurship. His 10 releases can now be seen as a gradual overall story about an unusual entrepreneurial journey, which includes adventure, insight, terrible mistakes, fantastic success, good advice and practical information for entrepreneurs, the self-employed and other enthusiasts. The amount of experience and knowledge is invaluable. Therefore, you can now download all of Werner’s previous books for free (in Danish). The new book ‘From Packed Lunches to Millions’ can be purchased here.

From Packed Lunches To Millions

Werner Valeur's success story and what you can learn from it. The first chapter is free. Buy the book here.


Unfair is the recipe for how to build special competitive advantages around your company so that you can not only survive in a competitive market, but also have great success.

Greatest Blog Hits

The 100 best and most popular blog posts from Toke Kruse, all in one book. Valuable knowledge on all angles of entrepreneurship.

plan b

The book is about the importance of always having a plan B in life and with your business.

The octagonal company

How to build your business around eight elements. How to best get started and take advantage of all important focus areas in the company.

The ingenious entrepreneur

Toke Kruse's first book, which has been read by over 10,000 people. A book about the most basic things when starting a business for the first time.

Five cream puffs on a...

The 15 things you need to optimize in your company to strengthen your marketing strategy, and what you must not overlook or omit.

Slide Satisfaction

How do you improve your presentations and thereby achieve a more professional look? The graphic aspect and your communicative possibilities.

A beginner’s guide for success

A kind of ABC on how to get started with the more practical things around the finances of your new business. What about purchases and where do you get deductions?

Company to America

How to bring your company to the US,  including the practical aspects and the costs of moving your business to the United States.

Grandma’s Secret Recipe

How to make any online business successful and unique. How to clarify and concretize a well-defined business idea.

Template for Business Plan

Outlines the foundation on which to build your business. A basic formula defining what you should include in your business plan so that you do not overlook any crucial aspects.


How do you strengthen your company with the best possible employees and optimize work routines so that the maximum potential is utilized?

Your SaaS guide

Guide based on Werner Valeur's own experiences from his company Business model based on subscription customers.