A one-of-a-kind entrepreneur 

Some people can hide in the crowd, others you recognize from a long distance. If it’s not the beard or the wide smile with the world’s happiest set of teeth that sets him apart, then it’s his fierce and purposeful gait, or his infectious laugh. Werner is one of a kind. A true fiery soul with an unusual drive, which he uses to accomplish great things in a short amount of time.

The unstoppable serial entrepreneur 

Born in 1982, Werner grew up with five sisters, divorced parents and his ass whooped by life – until he completed his technical-line high school diploma with the second highest grade of his year. Here, he found his drive and the originality which proved to be worth many millions.

Founder of more than 10 companies 

Serial entrepreneur is a title you have to earn. Werner Valeur started his first business as an 18-year-old, following a number of student jobs such as mowing lawns, distributing newspapers and bottle-boy in the local wine shop. His first registered company was a website-making service, and his next project entailed making lunchboxes for primary school children.

Has lead six companies from concept to exit

Werner Valeur has a rare ability of being able to spot great ideas, execute them and lead them all the way to an exit. He has done this six times.

The day I started believing in myself, my journey to success began.
– Werner Valeur

From packed lunches to millions

The documentary follows Werner Valeur's big exit of several million danish kroner from the sale of the accounting program Billy, which made him a multimillionaire on a sunny Monday morning in 2019. Watch it to get up close and personal during the nerve-wracking negotiations and the uncompromising entrepreneurial life.

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Utrolig dejligt ærligt Werner Valeur - Jeg blev faktisk rørt 🙏
– Anders
High five for dig Werner. Vild inspiration 🙂
– Lise

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16 exciting companies

Werner Valeur has invested in a wide range of SaaS companies in accounting, fintech, administration and lifestyle. Explore them all.

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Fast cars with strong brands

Werner Valeur has always had a penchant for expensive, fast cars. He bought his first Porsche Cayman S when he turned 30, and of course replaced the Porsche emblem with his own face. It was documented from San Francisco for the Danish magazine Bilsektionen.

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Experienced speaker

Werner Valeur is an experienced and professional speaker who not only gives presentations on entrepreneurship, but also participates in public debates on national television. He delivers one eye opener after another with great empathy and intensity, and is therefore a popular and returning guest on stages, as detailed below.

  • iVækst
  • Bech-Bruun
  • CBS
  • DOKK1
  • Parliament
  • The Danish IT University
  • Collision
  • KEA
  • Liberal Alliance
  • Iværk&Vækst
  • SCALEit
  • Ordrup Gymnasium

Public debate and knowledge sharing

Werner Valeur blogs on, as well as on his own blog, in order to share knowledge and create relevant debates about a better Denmark and a better entrepreneurial culture.

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2,000 pages on entrepreneurship

Since 2011, Werner Valeur has published 10 books on entrepreneurship and how to build teams around successful startups. The new book 'From Packed Lunches To Millions' is Werner Valeur's groundbreaking success story. It has an untraditional format, where you get both an up close and personal view on Werner's life, and concrete advice on leading a startup to a successful exit.

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