Brand New Ventures

Founded: 2020 Founders: Werner Valeur and Joakim Warnøe

We lead the way.

As an entrepreneur you often have to navigate uncharted territory. You may find it exciting, but it’s costing you time and money that could have been put to better use. Here’s what’s new. You no longer have to make the same mistakes as past entrepreneurs. Brand New Ventures have made it easier to succeed with your startup in Denmark.

Brand New Ventures is a guiding star for the next Danish startup success. We lead the way to good ideas, perfect teams and successful exits. We’ve walked the path ourselves, and we’re ready to guide the way for you.

With entrepreneur Werner Valeur, Venture Capitalist founder Joakim Warnøe and a strong crew of branding, design, UX, tech and copy specialists, we help startups and tranform good ideas into successful exits.

Brand New Ventures is a success factory fueled by a talented workforce with senior skills and entrepreneur experience – at your service during a long-term process in exchange for equity. We take in great ideas, build the concept, gain Proof of Market, grow the company and exit with Werner Valeur and Joakim Warnøe.

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