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CEO of Wolfpack

Werner Valeur has taken six of his own companies from concept to exit. With his creativity and curly brain, he builds another successful startup Wolfpack together with other talents. He is not shy about sharing his experiences, so get up close in the upcoming new documentary, which focuses on talent and the challenges that come with it.

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Most people can get a good idea, but few can make millions from it.
– Werner Valeur

Werner Valeur has the talent to spot and further develop great ideas, and earn millions by successful exits.

Here he shares his knowledge and experience with other enthusiasts, and continues his work to strengthen the Danish entrepreneurial culture.


From packed lunches to millions

The documentary follows Werner Valeur's big exit of several million danish kroner from the sale of the accounting program Billy, which made him a multimillionaire on a sunny Monday morning in 2019. Watch it to get up close and personal during the nerve-wracking negotiations and the uncompromising entrepreneurial life.

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Utrolig dejligt ærligt Werner Valeur - Jeg blev faktisk rørt 🙏
– Anders
High five for dig Werner. Vild inspiration 🙂
– Lise

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Experienced speaker

Werner Valeur is an experienced and professional speaker who not only gives presentations on entrepreneurship, but also participates in public debates on national television. He delivers one eye opener after another with great empathy and intensity, and is therefore a popular and returning guest on stages, as detailed below.

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  • Bech-Bruun
  • CBS
  • DOKK1
  • Parliament
  • The Danish IT University
  • Collision
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  • Liberal Alliance
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  • SCALEit
  • Ordrup Gymnasium
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16 exciting companies

Werner Valeur has invested in a wide range of SaaS companies in accounting, fintech, administration and lifestyle. Explore them all.

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2,000 pages on entrepreneurship

Since 2011, Werner Valeur has published 10 books on entrepreneurship and how to build teams around successful startups. The new book 'From Packed Lunches To Millions' is Werner Valeur's groundbreaking success story. It has an untraditional format, where you get both an up close and personal view on Werner's life, and concrete advice on leading a startup to a successful exit.

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