Founded: 2018 Founders: Werner Valeur, Kim Rehfeldt

Get your money right away

At Moneyflow, we strive to ensure flow and balance in companies’ finances. We help growing companies with smart financial services directly from accounting platforms.

Do you often feel like you wait too long for payment from your customers? Or are you spending too much time on payment-chasing? Moneyflow gives you the freedom to be paid right away, in fact, the moment you send an invoice. For every invoice, our algorithm provides an offer based on accounting data. It’s free and nonbinding to sign up. We charge a small one-time fee for each invoice that you choose to receive payment for right away. It’s as easy as that.

Today, users of Billy have access to dynamic loans directly from their invoices. Our new product, ‘Straksbetaling’ (immediate payment) of invoices , will soon be available to a select group of users in e-conomic, and in the first quarter of 2020 there will be full access in e-conomic .

Who is behind Moneyflow, you might be thinking? We are a group of very experienced, passionate and of course helpful people. Starting in mid-2018, Moneyflow has quickly become the next business-focused Fintech in Scandinavia.

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