Werner’s road to success

Werner Valeur (Formerly Toke Kruse)

Here you can get an overview of Werner’s 19-year entrepreneurial career for use in articles, media, etc. 


Werner has been an entrepreneur since 2001, when he graduated with the second highest grade in high school.

He founded his first business after high school (HTX) with two high school friends, Wassim and Kaspar. The company was called Desert, but its name was changed to Relation Technology, when the focus shifted to development of web pages and marketing campaigns on Google. Werner sold the company to Creuna in 2015 after returning from Silicon Valley.

Billy was the springboard to success

For the first 7 years of Werner’s entrepreneurial life, he focused on starting many businesses, but at that time, they never grew. During this period, he started a company that sold Danish-made computer bags for laptops, a packed lunch company that delivered packed lunches to the country’s schools and a booking system for temps. However, it was when he launched the accounting program Billy in 2011 that he really broke through with a company that received public attention for two reasons: on the one hand, it grew rapidly, but on the other hand, he could not get funding, which resulted in a wide media coverage both online, in print media and on television. This ultimately led to Werner moving to San Francisco in the period 2012-2015.

In 2015, he returned home to Denmark again, had a son, Ford, and launched another new company, Bilagscan (today Paperflow), together with Preben Damgaard and Lars Seier Christensen. In 2016, he traveled abroad again, this time to Spain – and returned the following year, at the same time as launching another company, the payroll program Salary.

CEO of Paperflow

In 2015, Werner handed over the position of director of Billy ApS to a professional director, and has since been active as chairman of the board, with strategic decisions as his focus. Simultaneously, he is acts as active CEO of Paperflow (formerly Bilagscan).

Politics and public speaking

Werner’s 19 years of experience has provided him with a foundation for giving presentations throughout Denmark on entrepreneurship, the Danes’ fear of risk and lack of entrepreneurial spirit. That is why he has, among other things, actively participated in the Folkemødet (The People’s Meeting) on Bornholm in 2016, 2017 and 2018. In addition, Werner actively debates on Finans.dk, where he touches on the higher tax bracket, entrepreneurship and politics in a broader sense, when liberal values are challenged by communist and socialist values.

Author of 10 books

Since 2011, he has written and published 10 books on entrepreneurship and leadership in startups, as well as several smaller guides. The books are, among other places sold here on the webpage and most can now be downloaded for free.

  • Den Geniale Iværksætter
  • Grandma’s Secret Recipe
  • A Players
  • Slide Satisfaction
  • Company to America
  • Greatest Blog Hits
  • Plan B
  • My Alternative Play: Plan B
  • Unfair
  • Fra Madpakker Til Millioner


  • Frederiksberg HTX, 1998-2001
  • Copenhagen Business School, CBS, BA (International Business), under one year
  • Copenhagen Business School, CBS, BA (Communication), 2004-2007
  • University of Copenhagen, specialization in programming, 2009
  • IT University of Copenhagen, ITU, Cand. it., 2008-2010

Active enterprises

Accounting and Fintech:

  • Billy
  • Paperflow
  • Salary.dk
  • Moneyflow


  • Eindom
  • Relion
  • Meploy

Lifestyle and apps:

  • Succesteam
  • Yarnbook

Consulting & production:

  • Brand New Ventures
  • Brand New Marketing

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Active advisory boards

  • Meploy.me
  • Dansk Bank Growth

In the media more than 75 times since 2011

Since 2011, Werner has been in the media almost 100 times, and a selection of the stories can be read on my Media page.

Personal information

  • Born in 1982
  • Originally from Søborg
  • Has lived in inner Copenhagen for most of his adult life, in addition to San Francisco and London
  • Entrepreneur since 2001
  • Father of Ford born in 2015