Founded: 2015 Founders: Toke Kruse, Preben Damgaard, Dan Rose

Automated data capture

Paperflow (formerly Bilagscan) is based on AI-powered software that can read data from invoices, credit notes and receipts, and deliver them to your current ERP system or workflow.

Paperflow was founded in 2015, together with Preben Damgaard and Toke Kruse’s longtime colleague, Dan Rose. In addition, Lars Seier Christensen, as well as Bent Bang-Jensen and Joachim Spangsberg (BBJ INVEST ApS) are also co-owners.

Papers in hand, documents on desks and in ring binders. This is what the past looks like. The future is data management in a single flow, which replaces the paperwork and gives you the necessary coherence in the business. Paperflow is the foundation for full automation of bookkeeping, and our most important task is to give you freedom, knowledge and security through digitization and automation of your overall document management.

Paperflow automatically reads all relevant data from your documents with the highest level of accuracy on the market and integrates easily with your existing ERP system or workflow. It is a self-teaching and self-running cloud solution that requires no installations, template setup or user training – and delivers the market’s highest data quality from the first scan.

It’s easy and quick to get started, you get rid of manual typing work and the heavy, manual process of document management, and instead get the freedom to focus on the business. You get the highest possible security and accuracy, because AI technology far exceeds man’s own competencies, and delivers data you can trust.

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