Founded: 2019 Founders: Werner Valeur, Nadia Nielsson

Optimize your team and become more successful

It is clear today that you cannot, to the same extent as before, follow one specific model when it comes to leading people. We have become much more aware workers’ individualities and the fact that different people need to be led in different ways as we are all driven and motivated by vastly different things. If you try to lead all people in the same way, you risk losing skilled employees, as they do not necessarily fit into the model you have chosen.

Successteam is a platform that supports teams and leadership development. Organizations today face major challenges in ensuring the well-being and performance of their teams. This could be for several different reasons, but a crucial factor is leaders who either lack the skills or understanding of where team members are actually facing challenges, and therefore where they need support and development. But how do you get an honest picture of how team members are doing? Do they even dare speak openly about it to their leader?

In Successteam we measure 4 different parameters; Stress, Performance, Motivation and Satisfaction. At the same time, we measure this at 3 different levels; Leadership, Culture and the Organization as a whole. We consider the 4 parameters as most important, as nowadays it is quite clear that an employee’s well-being in a team plays a huge role in their overall performance. In short, if you are happy with what you do, and the culture you are in, you produce good results.

Successteam is NOT about the manager being able to measure the individual employee – it is about the manager being able to get a ‘real-time’ picture of how a team is performing. Based on that picture, the leader will receive advice on how the challenges in the team should be handled. So overall, it’s about educating the leader, and always making sure that people on the team are given an opportunity to express how they feel – without having to have a 1:1 conversation directly with the leader. A leader must not only at all times have an accurate insight into how things are going in the team, but also always be working towards an even better collaboration between team members, better results and better overall performance.

All this is what Successteam facilitates.

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