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Werner Valeur’s background

Werner Valeur (formerly known as Toke Kruse) started his first business at the age of 18 in 2001. His first registered company was a website-making service, and his next project entailed making lunchboxes for primary school children. Since then, he has written and published 10 books, hundreds of blog posts, founded 20 companies and sold four. The most recent exit was the accounting program Billy, with customers primarily in Denmark and the USA.

International serial entrepreneur

Werner Valeur has lived in San Francisco for a long time, London and primarily in Copenhagen, where he currently lives and works.

B2B software and financial software

Werner Valeur’s interest and professional focus is IT, SaaS and software targeted at the B2B market, primarily in financial services.

It started with smaller startups, but over the last five years he has moved up in the market with solutions for midsize (e.g. Salary and Moneyflow) and big corporate firms (e.g. Paperflow and Success Team).

This is how Werner builds teams for growing companies

Werner Valeur’s strengths lie in idea generation, execution during the first 1-3 years, proof of market and Product-Market Fit right up to the scaling phase.

Werner secures the right people around him in the early stages to cover all essential areas such as finance, marketing, development and design. He builds teams from scratch, of up to 20 people. Werner’s own time is spent on the vision, the brand and a well-functioning business model. When all the basics fall into place, he leaves the baton to a new CEO – preferably the type who has an entrepreneur-spirit in them, but would have a hard time starting everything from scratch.

Werner Valeur’s philosophy and working method is described in Why I’m not a CEO but a full blown serial entrepreneur